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Parameters Intro

In arc, command-line parameters are defined using Python function arguments. This sub-section of the documentation is dedicated to talking about all the components of command line arguments in arc.

Kinds of Parameters

There are several kinds of parameters that arc allows you the define. Each of them have their own page that goes into detail on their usage, but here's a quick rundown

  • Arguments are provided on the command line positionally. For example the filenames in grep filename1 filename2 would be arc arguments.
  • Options are (generally optional, hence the name) parameters that are provided on the command line by-name. For example, in grep --file <FILENAME>, file would be an arc option
  • Flags indicate a boolean value. For example, in grep --invert-match, --invert-match could be represented as an arc flag.
  • Counters are flags that instead of keeping track of whether or not they've been provided, they keep track of the number of times they've been provided

Parameter Sources

The value for a parameter can come from multiple different sources, if no value is found in the input, these places can be checked:

  • Enviorment Variables
  • Input Prompt
  • Getter Function
  • Defalt Values

For more info

Parameter Types

arc uses type hints types for type validation / conversion. See more here

Additional Features